email templates to send to government officials in different cities asking them to act on the actions of their police departments. (⚠️ change the subject line + a few lines of the email so it doesn't get filtered out!)

send emails


defund 12

email government officials and council members in different cities to reallocate police budgets toward education, social services, and dismantling racial inequality. (⚠️ change the subject line + a few lines of the email so it doesn't get filtered out!)

send emails


justice for elijah mcclain

a resource for ways to demand justice for elijah mcclain by emailing and calling aurora government officials, signing petitions, and donating to his mother's gofundme.

call, email, donate, petition


for breonna

a website that makes it easy to call, email, or schedule a reminder to call & email to get justice for breonna taylor.

say her name


creative ecosystems supporting black folks

a growing list of funds supporting black folks nationwide, with links to to donate.

fundraisers, grants, and mutual aid


bail funds

donate to 37 bail funds across the country at once.



more bail funds

a list of nationwide bail funds to donate to individually.



more ways to help

lots of resources for signing petitions, texting or calling your representatives, donating, protesting, and more.

black lives matter


one anti-racist action a day

a newsletter that sends one anti-racist action you can take every day—a petition to sign, an email to send, etc.



how to make an sms bot

a step-by-step guide to building sms bots using google sheets and twilio, for mutual aid funds and organizers who want to get in touch with their community via text.

no coding required


action at work

a doc of quick actionable items you can do from your desk, educational anti-racism resources, and free healing resources for BIPOC.

take action


anti-racism resources

a google doc full of articles and books to read, podcasts to listen to, videos to watch, and accounts to follow on social media to start engaging with anti-racism work.

start learning


social change roles reading list

an overview of the different roles you can play in a social change ecosystem, and an anti-racist reading list for each role.

find your role