hi, i’m jillian :)

i’m a project manager at Lickability, an indie software studio in nyc. i spend most of my time drinking tea & playing video games, but i do other stuff sometimes too ~


🌱 tending to my thoughts here, on a little blog that i update sporadically.

letters to summer

💌 a very cool newsletter that i write with my friend summer.


📒 made this single-issue zine a while ago, exploring the universal (and beloved) experience of snacking.

uses this

💻 wrote a lil thing about my work setup for a site i like a lot.


💾 here’s another look at my setup for a newsletter about people’s workspaces.

wavelength talk

🧩 i did a talk for wavelength conf about why you should quit your hobbies.


🎮 i stream a couple of times a week on twitch—come hang out sometime.